Here’s a little pencil portrait of a lesser aristocrat of hell. I didn’t have any particular prince in mind while I was drawing, I assume this is one of the little guys who only command like one or two legions of devils and probably doesn’t have any impressive manifestations. Some weird smash-face antlered dog monster with a patchy frock coat and no pants is about as good as he gets. Maybe he can also appear as a single withered fig on a chipped pottery plate, and “thee hump of a Cammel, set upon a skating-board of no great Qualitye, ande Fyve Trumpetts Behind.” His name is Squalmagog.

If you want to buy this sketch (it’s 4x6”, graphite and white ink on paper) send me an ask or a fan mail (or a twitter @3liza) with an offer; I’m not real pumped on making a whole Etsy listing tonight!

It’s probably because I’ve had a penchant for the Spiderwick chronicles field guide recently, but this reminds me of Tony DiTerlizzi’s faery beast sketches.

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sometimes it’s the little victories that get me through the day…


sometimes it’s the little victories that get me through the day…

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note to people who have Bra Probs: you are probably wearing the wrong size and should maybe do some careful measurements at home (some people recommend getting “professionally fitted” at victoria’s secret or w/e but lol@ the idea of letting a stranger touch…

I don’t necessarily disagree with any of the above, but I feel that there’s more to fit than just your measurements?

Yes, if you’re having bra problems, it’s probably because it doesn’t fit, but having a golden figure doesn’t mean that bras with that on the label will fit you. It’s definitely worthwhile knowing your size and having it properly measured (though as pointed out above, be aware that there’s lots of shitty fitter out there), but size varies wildly between brands and even within; personal preference is important too (I like tighter straps but a looser band, for instance, and a lot of bra fit tips need not apply if you fit the bra super comfy). It’s also valid to ignore if something isn’t perfectly fitted if it’s gorgeous/you don’t need lots of support/whatever, so long as you’re happy.

The Lingerie Addict has really resources looking at opening the conversation up about bra fit -



http://www.thelingerieaddict.com/2012/03/lingerie-addict-bra-fit-video.html (this has good tips for telling how comfortable a bra will be down the line and if you’re not sure how well a bra fits)

TL;DR - Bra fit is definitely important, but as ever the conversation is more nuanced! You’ll know what’s comfy once you put it on. :)

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Sculptures and Altars

He constructs assemblage  sculptures from bones, Halloween decor, plastic components, and religious statuary. Citing horror films and death/black metal as major influences,the work also reflects an interest in antiquity, the occult, and medical pathology. Obtaining his BFA in sculpture from MSU Bozeman, MT, his sculptures have been shown throughout the Northwest and are in private collections nationally.

Corey Urlacher

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Scoper Monstar and Minni Monstar.

So I’m browsing the goth DIY tag and this comes up

Dear god my eyes


Scoper Monstar and Minni Monstar.

So I’m browsing the goth DIY tag and this comes up

Dear god my eyes

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What if there were women’s cleanliness products that were marketed the way Old Spice stuff is? Like they had names like “Lioness” and “Sycamore” and “Wildfire” and “Hunter’s Moon” and they were touted as making you smell like a warrior queen who does not suffer fools and conquers all she beholds

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Old Woman Josie, out near the Car Lot, says the Angels revealed themselves to her


Black Erika: kaytara-art
White Erika: cayra
Black Erika without eyes: gelegenheits-stalker
Photos: blooodymoon


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a reality TV show where a bunch of anglophiles have to live in an average English town for a month

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